This site is for the benefit of all those interested in the WOODHOUSE surname.

It is a simple design, hopefully easy to use, and can be viewed by members who care to register their interest. For the first year, 2007, it will be freely available to all to encourage the development of the site which is very much a 'work in progress'. Anyone who is able to add to the data included on the site is welcome to contact the administrator, and their information will be welcomed.

It is not our policy to include any details of any living person, except where they have specifically given permission. We will not include any personal information which could be used to commit any fraud or cause any embarrassment to themselves or others.

The administrator, Ron Woodhouse is Member 4126 of the Guild Of One-Name Studies, and has accepted responsibility for gathering all references to the family name, building family trees and recording as much general and genealogical data as possible. In addition it is a duty that all Guild members reply to all enquiries for information from the public. Today most of that information is forwarded through the internet, but when a postal reply is requested the request must have with it a reply paid envelope.

Please use the 'contact us' form to register your interest and to request any help we may be able to offer. Bear in mind that this is a fairly common surname, and as such is spread throughout the world, and has many points of origin, with the same location generated name used in many languages other than English. There have been a number of cases of immigrants into America coming with a surname of the same meaning where they have simply changed the name to the English form. Where this is the case we have not attempted to search the ancestry of that line back to the original country, but if you have any ancestry records we will be pleased to receive them.

We as a policy do not intend to forward to internet online databases any family tree data. The experience of other researchers has been that such data is freely copied by people who seem to be interested in building the biggest file of data possible without regard to the accuracy of the data. This then is not able to be corrected or updated by serious researchers and has resulted in the online trees being taken by newly interested enquirers who are misled into believing these trees and making incorrect assumptions or connections to their own ancestry.

While making no claims to the accuracy of the data held by the administrator or any of the members, every effort is made to check against original records to verify all information. Every researcher can list many instances where the original source of data, census records, civil certificates and church records, can be shown to be incorrect in significant detail. We can only do our best.