On this page at a later date it will be necessary to have registered your interest in this site, you will then need to login using a password to enable you to move into the main body of the site. For now you can go on by clicking on the MEMBER HOME PAGE button.

During this initial period there will not be any confidential content in the main pages, but please register your interest by sending an email to the administrator on Ron Woodhouse which is the Guild Of One-Name Studies server address. This server is well protected against virus and worms etc. and is one of the benefits of belonging to the Guild.

On that subject, the Guild membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy. It is possible to be a member without accepting the duty of taking responsibility by registering a surname to study. Membership will give the opportunity to join in the discussions on the Guild Forum, where the participants discuss many things associated with family history and genealogy, many of the participants are extremely expert and even professional genealogists and may be the most qualified group of experts in the world. Membership also allows attendance at the regular specialist training meetings, the Annual General Meeting, as well as access to the Guild Website which has lots of expert advice including a Wiki section where member are regularly adding to the pool of knowledge about genealogy and where to look for the answers to your problems. The quarterly magazine of the Guild claims to be "The worlds leading publication for one-namers" but this is perhaps an under-statement, it is invaluable to anyone searching for family history in all its aspects. For those members who decide to continue and register a surname study the first thing to do is to check that it is available since only one person is able to register a study. When you have registered, you will agree to search for all references to that name on a worldwide basis, record your findings and respond to any enquiries from others who are also interested in that name. There are three grades of studies, one where the member has an extensive knowledge and records of the occurrence of the name and has a newsletter for members of the society and probably has a website. A second grade is where the study has been in existence some time and is fairly extensive, the third grade is where the study is in the initial stages of building a set of records. Our Woodhouse study is in this third grade, and possibly due to the fairly common occurrence of the name it will never be able to progress to the top grade. Obviously it is easier to obtain a significant quantity of data about a rare surname than a common one, but against that we will be able to help a greater number of others who have the same interests. Please feel free to add your data to the administrator's existing records for the benefit of all.