The following books are by Woodhouse authors and are concerning Woodhouse individuals.


A record of the family descended from William Woodhouse and Waitstill Hunt who were married in Milton, Massachusetts on the 22nd of June 1751.continuing to the family of the author herself.

It describes very clearly the conditions and the lifestyle of the early Americans. There are many family branches with an A -Z index ranging from Adams to Zawicki

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A biography of a man born in England, with the family experience of tailoring but finding work hard to obtain. He planned to be a Methodist missionary before he was introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, he converted and became a minister for the Mormons within a month. His journey starting in January 1851, to Utah, together with his parents and all his family was 'eventful' and some of them did not reach their goal. John became a farmer, a soldier, a justice, a poet and writer, and he returned to England as a missionary for 2 years. Being blessed with having an outstanding memory his records form the main source of information for this book although his 'journal' the record of events all Mormons were recommended to keep was lost in his extended travels, his memory enabled him to re-write much of his journal during his final years.

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Not written by a member of the Woodhouse family, but with the subject of an internationally recognised Woodhouse artist. This is a comprehensive review of the life and work of William Woodhouse, mainly a watercolour artist he deserves being better known to the general public, not just to the art experts.

Born in Morecambe Street, Poulton, Lancashire, England, now part of the town of Morecambe. His family were fishermen which must have been a basic working-class standard of living in a period of limited prosperity. The fact that he was able to study art was simply because he was inspired, although it is doubtful that he initially expected to make it his full time profession. He progressed and was recognised by other artists and was invited on three occasions to exhibit work at the Royal Academy of Arts, in London. Most of his works are in private ownership scattered around the world, but a selection is exhibited at the Lancaster City Museum. The book is a story of a life, not just a collection of reproductions of paintings. Hopefully some of the viewers of this site will find a link to their own family line, and learn more about their own origins.

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There are many other books by Woodhouse authors and I will add some at a later date. they cover many subjects, science and mathematics, architecture and even the Barbara Woodhouse works on the training of dogs which was part of the English Television series which gave her national fame.

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